Which Services Does 3ERP Offer For Custom CNC Machining?


3ERP is unquestionably a fantastic option for custom-machined parts made of plastic and metal. Our two CNC machining facilities are equipped for production part machining and rapid prototyping. With over 60 CNC machines in-house and a network of over 30 approved CNC machining shops across the US, Germany, Mexico, and China.

We have an endless manufacturing capacity that guarantees your project’s high-quality machined parts will arrive on schedule. There are also some of our past projects and engineer-designed demo parts to give you an idea of our CNC machining capabilities on the website. For all kinds of services, of CNC machined parts, 3ERP is adaptable.

Thus, you don’t need to search any further if you’re looking for a CNC machining company for your projects. We are constantly prepared to take on the challenges posed by intricate CNC machined parts and tight tolerances. visit the website to test out our CNC precision machining services to be the next happy client of ours.

3ERP Services for CNC Machining

Custom CNC machined parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, providing you with many options for choosing materials to finish custom part production runs. Regardless of the total number of parts produced, our customers can obtain the precise quantity they require by utilizing a specialized prototyping and manufacturing service such as 3ERP. Here are some services provided by 3erp.

CNC Machining

Metals, polymers, and composites are just a few of the materials that 3ERP provides precision CNC machining services for. With their sophisticated CNC machinery, 3erp service providers can manufacture intricate parts with close tolerances. For custom metal and plastic machined parts, 3ERP is unquestionably a great option.

Low Volume Manufacturing

However, there are situations in which low-volume manufacturing is the best option for people who require small amounts of completed parts a few hundred to several hundred thousand—of finished goods. Regardless of the total number of parts produced, our customers can obtain the precise quantity they require by utilizing a specialized prototyping and manufacturing service such as 3ERP.

CNC Prototyping

Before beginning full production, 3ERP can swiftly test and validate designs by utilizing CNC machining to create quick prototypes. This makes it possible to develop products effectively and economically. With our expertise in rapid manufacturing and prototyping, including CNC machining and injection molding, we can optimize both plastic and metal prototypes for a wide range of project applications.

CNC Production

To ensure consistent quality and quick turnaround times for production parts, 3ERP also provides CNC production services for orders with higher volumes. You can anticipate that your precision machined parts will be built to specification and defect-free after a thorough inspection. Small-run production of parts or products will enable you to enter emerging markets ahead of competitors.

CNC Programming

To maximize machining efficiency and optimize tool paths, their team of skilled engineers can offer CNC programming services.3ERP has a large inventory of internal testing and manufacturing equipment. Our engineers can handle any kind of tight tolerance CNC machined parts with complex geometries because they have accumulated rich, deep experience from numerous prior CNC machining projects across several industries.

CNC Finishing

To obtain the appropriate surface finish and appearance, 3ERP provides a variety of finishing services for CNC machined parts, such as anodizing, plating, painting, and more. 3ERP provides a large selection of superior surface finishes. Only a few of the typical finishing options are included here. For parts that are custom CNC machined, there are more finish options.


To satisfy the demands of their customers, 3ERP offers complete CNC machining solutions for production, finishing, and prototyping. From the initial product design review and quotation to the quality inspection of your newly manufactured parts, 3ERP will be there to support you every step of the way. Additionally, we are experts in low-volume manufacturing. Please take a look at our rapid prototyping services if you require a prototype to validate your design.


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