How to Use Team of the Week Cards and Bronze Pack in Making FIFA 23 Coins


The Team of the Week cards are usually released every week, so you have time to prepare for it. You should play as many games as possible before they are released so that your players can become popular among other gamers. If they see that your players are good, they will buy them from you and give you more money for them than what they are worth. Here are some tips to use TOTW and bronze packs to earn fifa 23 coins:

Never Buy Gold Packs

If you want to make FIFA 23 coins quickly, never buy Gold Packs. The chances of getting an expensive player card from a gold pack is very low as compared to Bronze or Silver packs where you can get even cheap players with high ratings. You can save your money by buying only bronze or silver packs and sell them when they reach their highest value.

Use Your Daily Review Pack

Every day after login, the game will give you a Daily Review Pack (Free) which contains 2 bronze players and 1 silver player. You can use these cards as soon as possible since they are free! If you don’t have time, just sell them at their highest value so that you can get some quick coins.

Buy Bronze and Silver Packs Only

Bronze and Silver packs are good because they give you better odds of getting a player card worth selling than Bronze packs alone. The reason for this is that they have more cards in them than Bronze packs alone. This means that if you buy Bronze Packs and sell all of their cards except for one, then your chances of getting a valuable player card are much lower than if you bought a bronze pack and silver pack.

Sell Player Cards When on Their Highest Value

The most important thing you need to know about selling player cards are when they are on their highest value, or peak price. This means that their price will be at its highest point before dropping off again over time. The key here is timing your sales so that you get the most profit for your effort. You can do this by checking out what prices other people are selling at and trying to undercut them if possible.

Check for ‘Live’ SBCs every Thursday night

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Players Cards are divided into five categories – bronze, silver, gold and two special ones – purple and black (rare). Players can be obtained by opening packs or by buying them from the transfer market using coins that you earn in-game or via micro-transactions.

Quickly flip silver cards if you need swifter coins

When you have enough coins, start flipping silver players on the transfer market (TOTW). You can get around 10-15k per player if they have high ratings (85+). This is much faster than waiting for their values to increase naturally over time so it’s worth doing if you need quick cash. Just remember that this method could take some time before paying off as there is no guarantee that these players will sell immediately after being released each week.


The premise is awesome. Having a special card which offers a better chance of pulling something legendary/limited/IF makes it feel like we’re really lucking out by getting them in a pack. But the issue is that they are too cool. You see, players don’t want to part with their TOTW cards if they are awesome players and will be valuable on the transfer market after they retire. They’ll hold out for more money for their play, or players for their TOTW card when you try to sell it back to them. The net result is that your trade values are seriously affected. And it takes ages to make FIFA coins this way.


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