What do you know about RuneScape 3? Discuss it.


When a man is tired of his hectic routine, he wants some entertainment to relax. Entertainment refreshes you and brings joy to your life. Some people like to play online games. RuneScape is also an online fantasy game that is played multiplayer.

Runescape 3 was developed and presented by Jagex. This game was first declared in January 2001 with Java, a programming language, and then it was replaced by a standalone C++ client in 2016. Over 300 million people play it. The Guinness World record also grants it.

What is Runescape 3?

Runescape is an online multiplayer game. Its first version of this game was released in January 2001. But as soon as its popularity increased, the game engine was updated and declared Runescape 2. Later, the game’s third edition was updated, known as Runescape3, in July 2013. Runescape occurs in the world of Gielinor. This fantasy game is divided into cities,  regions, and countries. The players can move all over Gielinor using different methods such as magical spells, on foot, and by charter ships.

Various types of hurdles are created in each region by the resources, monsters, and by many other methods. This game does not follow any storyline. Relatively, You can set your objectives and goals. You can select to fight with the nonpayer character, complete your quest, and enhance your experience with accessible skills. You can also interconnect with each other by chatting and hawking. You can also play competitive mini-games.

What are the main features of RuneScape?

The main features of RuneScape are as follows:

 Follow the path:

At the start of the game, you will find yourself in a place where you have to follow the path. You will pass through different features of the game. You have to pass different challenges with the help of equipment and boasters and with your skill. After passing a path, it’s up to you rather continue your journey or end up.

Set off on an adventure:

After beating the paths of the tutorial, Now you should go off on an adventure. You can choose the adventure from the Quest list tab. You can also get information about the skills and tools. Here you can find some information about the difficulty level, its demands, and its rewards.

Build up your character:

Your skills will increase by passing the paths and completing the adventures. It will unlock new tools, skills, and quests. Twenty-seven skills are available, out of which 17 are free to play. You can build up your character by passing through different difficulties and focusing on your skills.


RuneScape is a great source of entertainment and refresher. It teaches that if you follow the instructions and set goals in your life, then you will succeed. It does not matter how many difficulties comes your way; if you have trust in yourself, you can pass all stages of life.



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